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A Halloween Story Walk

Do you want a new idea for Halloween decorating?  How about a Halloween story walk? Actually, I borrowed this idea from a library in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (see blog), changed the story, and added more elaborate scenes.

I don’t like abridging stories, so this one is a little long. If you do it, you might want to post a shorter story.

I started this project by ordering two paperback copies of my favorite Halloween book. Then I used a box cutter to cut out the pages, lightly glued each page to construction paper, added a numbered pumpkin, and laminated each page. You can buy a good laminator on amazon for around $30.

I didn’t staple the story up until I had made my two scenes. The skeleton was easy; they are available in every store selling Halloween decorations.

I made the old lady in two parts. For the legs I used a pool noodle and inserted a short PVC pipe at the end of each noodle. I put black tights on the noodle and inserted the end of each noodle into a small shoe. I poked holes through the noodle and used wire to attach the shoes. Then I placed the noodle up in the tree so that a foot came down on each side of the branch.

Some of my supplies.

For the old lady’s upper body, I made a frame out of PVC pipe, using a t-joint so I could give her shoulders and arms. I inserted the bottom part of the pipe into half a pool noodle. The head is made from a styrofoam head  bought from Michaels, then stuck on the end of the PVC pipe. I covered the head with an old-lady mask found at the Halloween store. The clothes were from Good Will, and the bonnet and apron were from Amazon. I also lightly stuffed some Halloween costume gloves and pinned them to the sleeves of the dress.

The hardest part was securing the old lady’s upper body into the tree. I used a bungee cord and rope around the noodle/pvc pipe.

This scene needed a finishing touch, so I added a Custom Easy Button and recorded a line the old lady says to the skeleton. I had to figure out a better way to hang the button. The outer part of a stitchery hoop worked–glued to the button and wired shut on top.

“Skittle-skattle, skeleton!”

I really lucked-out for the second scene. I found a dog mask online that looked just like the dog mask in the story. I put that over another styrofoam head. I also found the right outfit at Goodwill. Once again, I framed the dog with PVC pipe. (Actually, the dog is supposed to be the old lady in her Halloween costume)

I hope this idea inspires someone to do their own story walk, or at least find the book and read it to their kids.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Pat Parker Pat Parker

    Too bad you do not live closer you and Jeannine would have the best Halloween decorations in town. She is working on a tombstone for the front yard now.

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      I wish we did too! At least the Halloween spirit flows between us. 🎃

      • I wish we weren’t on opposite sides of the country too. Oh, well.
        Thank you for all your creative ideas. Using PVC pipe and pool noodles for your life-sized figures: GENIUS!
        I may need to steal your ingenuity and finally build a decent scarecrow. (I can never get them to pose properly like in the movies.)

        • KarenGough KarenGough

          I can’t take credit for the pool noodles, though I did come up with the pvc pipes. Thank you Jeannine!

    • Hi Mrs. Parker, (aka Mom)
      The 25+ year-old tombstones you made out of simple paper grocery bags inspired me to make a 2022 edition out of an Amazon cardboard box.

      • KarenGough KarenGough

        I wonder if you can post a photo of it here?

        • Jeannine Jeannine

          Hmmm. ?
          Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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