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Project Fiesta! At The Santa Barbara, CA Historical Museum

Since the festival first began in 1924, the city of Santa Barbara, CA has been celebrating “Old Spanish Days” in an annual five-day festival in early August. Due to covid this past August, the festival was filmed, rather than held before a live audience.  They plan to reopen fully August 3-7, 2022.  I hope they do because the festival includes a parade known to be the largest equestrian parade “this side of the pacific.” Fiesta days are full of dance, pageantry, and traditional markets. I have yet to witness it, but it sounds like a blast.

Photo Courtesy of Old Spanish Days Fiesta

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum at 136 East De la Guerra Street, is showcasing the Fiesta in a beautiful display called Project Fiesta! It will only be open a few more weeks, so I wanted to share some photos with you before it closes on Sept. 22.

Project Fiesta! at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum
“The Spirit of Fiesta” Dances on the Steps of the Courthouse and at the Head of the Parade
Dancing Traditions from Spain, Mexico, and California are Highlighted during Fiesta Days
From Left to Right: Striped Suit 1963, Lace Dress 1930, Bullfighter Suit c1920
Videos Highlighting Past Parades Run in the Background
Wedding Costumes
Beautiful Lace Embroidery 
Children’s Costumes
Notice the Decorated Carriage Wheels
Exquisite Embroidery

Catch Project Fiesta! at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. Entrance is free and there are several wonderful exhibits. The Museum is open Wednesday thru Saturday, from noon to 5pm (Thursdays till 7pm). Click here for more info. To learn more about Old Spanish Days, read this wonderful article by Paul G. Sweetser. AND, if you would like to read more about visiting Santa Barbara, read the article I wrote for the Epoch Times. You may have to create a free account in order to see the photos. Enjoy!

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum at 136 East De la Guerra Street

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