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Gold Country Day Trip – Jamestown, CA!

My husband and I got out of mask-town Silicon Valley last Sunday to enjoy a day in Jamestown, California. It was so nice to go to a town where they were a little less afraid. Jamestown just came out of the purple tier so we actually were able to go inside a restaurant (gasp!) and enjoy a delicious lunch. The restaurant was called The Service Station. My husband had a delicious turkey/cheese hot sandwich and I had a vegetarian wrap. They have good beer on tap as well.

Jamestown is the first gold town you come to on the southern point of route 49. It only took us a little over a couple hours to get there and it’s a beautiful drive.

Railtown State Historic Park is in Jamestown

The main street is about two blocks long, made up of original false-front buildings from the mid to late 1800s. It’s a treat to walk around and explore the gift and antique shops.

Many old westerns were filmed in and around Jamestown. This sign shows a sampling:

We walked along the Walk of Fame to explore Railtown.

Unfortunately the interior museum/shops of Railtown close around 3 in the winter but we were still able to walk around the grounds. When covid restrictions are over, they will re-open the steam train rides.

The run-down trains are fascinating for train-buffs!

Too bad the famous steam train #3 was under wraps somewhere, but we did get to see an old gas pump with single digit “amount of sale” numbers. Imagine filling up your tank for $9.99 or less!There’s nice picnic grounds in the park as well.


We walked around the neighborhood streets a bit too. I could have taken a lot more photos.

A Fixer-Upper!
The Palm Hotel (closed due to covid-shutdowns)

Gold Country towns are always great to visit for a bit of history, fun, and beauty. Hopefully some of you will venture out and explore them as well.

Wishing you healthy travels!


  1. Another awesome experience thanks for caring enough to share with us! Interesting!

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      Thank you Stephen!

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