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A December Day in Seattle – Part 1

We recently visited some relatives on the Olympic Peninsula and from there did a day trip to Seattle. We took the ferry. I love taking the ferry (this one was the Bainbridge Island ferry). You can walk on for free from Bainbridge (going back from Seattle you have to pay) or pay to drive your car. It’s first come first served. Then it takes around 30 minutes to cross the Puget Sound to get to Seattle. In the meantime there are comfortable chairs, tables with cushioned benches, window and deck views and a good little cafe that serves up delicious chili or clam chowder from Ivar’s Restaurant.

And the views of the city skyline are fantastic.

Daytime View of Seattle Skyline – Space Needle on the left.
Photo of Seattle Skyline from 2015
Cars Exiting the Ferry at Night


Leaving Seattle – Evening View of Skyline


Leaving Seattle – In the Wake of the Ferry

All Seattle ferries come into the Seattle Ferry Terminal which is under construction until 2023. After getting off the ferry we walked across a bridge over the highway and down to the sidewalk. From there we walked about 15 minutes to Pike Place Market – a tourist trap you should actually see.

View after leaving the Seattle Ferry Terminal

There were many things to see on the way.

Then we got to Pike Place which is always crowded but fun with colorful markets, vendors, lots of good food and street musicians.

Before we left Pike Place my daughter insisted we visit the Gum Wall. This is an alley under the market where people stick their gum on the walls. It’s crazy, gross and fun.

The Gum Wall in Post Alley under the Pike Place Market

After Pike Place we took a long walk to the Museum of Pop Culture which I will cover in Part 2 of this blog. It’s definitely worth visiting.

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