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Straight from the Coroner’s Office – Causes of Death in Santa Clara County, 2020

Under the California Public Records Act, I requested, from the Medical Examiner Coroner’s office, the data showing cause for all manner of deaths in Santa Clara County for January 1, 2020 – December 23, 2020 (I made the request on Dec 23). The ME-C pointed out that they only have “information on deaths that fall under ME-C jurisdiction, not all deaths that take place in Santa Clara County fall under the jurisdiction of the ME-C office.”

I have listed some interesting facts regarding Covid-19 deaths here. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Number of Mortalities where Cause of Death is listed as Covid-19:
    734 (Feb 6 – Dec 23, 2020)
  • Number of Mortalities where Covid-19 was listed as the sole cause without other Significant Conditions:
  • ⁃ 81 yr old Asian male, Mar 15
    ⁃ 66 yr old Caucasian male, Mar 17
    ⁃ 82 yr old Caucasian male, Mar 20
    ⁃ 72 yr old Asian male, Mar 20
    ⁃ 65 yr old Hispanic female, Mar 21
    ⁃ 73 yr old Asian male, Mar 22
    ⁃ 80 yr old Asian male, Mar 23
    ⁃ 56 yr old Hispanic female, Mar 23
    ⁃ 74 yr old Caucasian female, Apr 1
    ⁃ 56 yr old Hispanic male, Apr 8
    ⁃ 71 yr old Black male, Apr 9
    ⁃ 54 yr old Asian male, May 11
    ⁃ 64 yr old Asian male, Jul 20
    ⁃ 44 yr old Hispanic male, Aug 11
    ⁃ 53 yr old Caucasian female, Aug 11
    ⁃ 89 yr old Asian male, Sep 17
    ⁃ 31 yr old Hispanic female, Oct 5
    ⁃ 59 yr old Hispanic female, Oct 30
    ⁃ 45 yr old Hispanic female, Nov 17
    ⁃ 76 yr old Hispanic female, Dec 3
  • Number of Covid-19 Deaths listed with Co-Morbidities and/or Other Significant Conditions:
  • Frequently Listed Co-Morbidities and/or Other Significant Conditions:
    ⁃ Congestive Heart Failure
    ⁃ Heart Disease
    ⁃ Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    ⁃ Diabetes
    ⁃ Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)
    ⁃ Renal/Kidney disease
    ⁃ Obesity
    ⁃ Alzheimer’s Dementia
    ⁃ Parkinson’s disease
    ⁃ Cancers (various)
    ⁃ Cirrhosis, due to hepatitis or chronic alcoholism
    ⁃ Hyperlipidemia (abnormally high concentrations of fats in the blood)
    ⁃ Asthma (only when occurring with other significant conditions)
  • Youngest to die from Covid-19:
    ⁃ 27 yr old Hispanic male, Mar 9, Cause – “Sudden unexpected death in the young,” Significant Conditions – “Molecular evidence of SARS-COV-2 (COVID- 19); Parainfluenza 3 virus positive; Cardiac genetic variants of unknown significance”
    ⁃ 30 yr old Asian male, Dec 22. Cause – “COVID-19 Complicating Intracranial Hemorrhage.” Other Significant Conditions – “Acute Respiratory Failure, Hypothyroidism”
    ⁃ 31 yr old Hispanic male, Mar 22, Cause – Adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)/diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) including pulmomary thrombi COVID-19, Other – “Dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, extreme obesity
    ⁃ 31 yr old Hispanic male, Aug 13, Obesity
    ⁃ 31 yr old Hispanic male, Oct 5, No other cause listed

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  1. Ann Elizaga Ann Elizaga

    Is there a August 31st 2020 coroner’s report my mother in law passed away that year the way that year and I would like to know what happened to her if possible thank you

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      Yes, I will email you the report right now.

  2. Ann Elizaga Ann Elizaga

    I was wondering if I could get a coroner’s report for August 31st 2020 20 I see other dates available but can’t find 2020 would you be able to help me my mother in law pritam kaur 61 years old passed away that year

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      Thanks for adding more sources!

  3. Steve Dahl Steve Dahl

    I would love the report also, Karen! Thanks in advance! BTW – I really enjoyed your walk along Santa Cruz coast! We stayed in the redwoods with our RV! Beautiful area!

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      Hello Steve!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the SC blog, thanks for telling me! I’ll send you the coroner’s report tonight.
      Feel free to subscribe if you want to keep up with my occasional blogs.😊

  4. Dan Minor Dan Minor

    Thank you for this. I would also appreciate your sharing the report with me.

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      You’re welcome. I’ll email you the report.

  5. RU RU

    can you share the original report shared by Coroners office ?

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      Yes, I will email it to you.

  6. Lisa Lisa

    Thank you Karen! These are definitely eye opening facts.😘

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      You’re welcome. 🙂

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