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Goodbye Clarens, Goodbye South Africa

For my last post about our trip to South Africa I will post some photos of the little rural town of Clarens. It was very quiet during our visit, but we were told that it is extremely crowded during their spring and summer, probably because it is so close to the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

The Park in the Middle of the Town Square
A Portion of Downtown Clarens

This was our favorite restaurant – Gosto – we ate there three times!

Gosto – a Portuguese Restaurant in Clarens, South Africa

While I hung out (birding) at the St Fort Country House one afternoon, my husband and the kids went on a short zip-line run in Clarens. It wasn’t too exciting they said.

Zip Line in Clarens, photo by Bill Gough
Photo by Bill Gough

On our last night in South Africa, we all looked up at the stars and pointed out the milky way, wondered what the different constellations were, and said how much better we could see the stars here than at home. Then we did a spontaneous group hug and I thought, I must have the best family in the world.

Please stay tuned for more blogs about our family travels. In the meantime, next week I will blog about a great book I read that has to do with Africa. Thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy these blogs!



  1. Steve Cowan Steve Cowan

    I have enjoyed all of your blogs about your trip to South Africa, Karen. They gave me a much better idea of what South Africa is really like.

    • KarenGough KarenGough

      I am so glad Steve! Thank you for telling me. 😊 There will be other travel blogs to come so I’m glad you are subscribed.

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