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Go Directly to Jail – Jamestown, California

No, I was not jailed for non-covid compliance. Actually, we went back to visit the Gold-Country town of Jamestown (see part 1 here), this time with my parents in tow.

The Jamestown Jail

About the jail – it was built in 1898, 400 square feet, and used as a “temporary detention facility until inmates could be taken to the county jail in Sonora or released after a night on the town.” I guess if you were drunk it wouldn’t be that uncomfortable. At least the bed was off the floor!

The guard had a nicer area:

Check out the cool entrance door:

Railtown 1897 State Park

While we were in Jamestown, we went back to the train museum. This time the buildings were open and we could see inside. They had some good tour guides explaining things. Unfortunately, the famous engine #3 is being rebuilt – actually, that’s a good thing because soon (end of May?) we will all be able to take rides on it! Engine #3 appeared in many old movies, including Back to the Future III.

Some photos inside the roundhouse:

Inside the blacksmith building:

Auto-Club Outing

When we arrived at the train museum parking lot, we had the added bonus of seeing a line of cool cars. An auto club had driven up for the day to enjoy their cars together and explore Jamestown. How cool is that?

Jamestown Museum

After the museum we had lunch at our favorite restaurant, but first we stepped into a tiny but worthwhile museum.

The Service Station Restaurant

Then we had hamburgers and one pulled-pork burger to die for at The Service Station! By the way, don’t my parent’s look great? My Mom is 88 and my Dad is about to turn 95. Their secret? Daily exercise and healthy eating. We are so lucky they (and we) ignored covid-lockdowns in favor of seeing us this year 2020/2021- four times! None of us had been exposed to anyone with covid and we felt it was better to see them then let a year go by without in-person visits.

Oakdale Cheese

And last but not least, on the drive to Jamestown, we stopped at our favorite break spot off HWY 120 – Oakdale Cheese in Oakdale, CA. They have delicious home-made cheeses, mustards, bread, gifts, and a great picnic spot. We’ve been coming here for years.

You see wonderful things and experience special moments when you travel. I hope all of you feel free to travel soon too!


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